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M:                 T: +351 21 157 10 10                A: Av. Liberdade 136, 2º. 1250-146 Lisboa Portugal

How we do it

Since every creative work we develop is completely tailor made in order to fulfill your specific needs, our process may depend on the project scope. Nevertheless, the common methodology used by R&D can be sequenced like this:

I. Input meeting

We listen to what you have to say and ask a lot of questions.

II. Project mapping

We portray the project scope and consider what it involves (costs, timings, targetting).

III. Lab research

We gather insights on trends, based on the previous mapping, benchmarking references and tools that can maximize the project outcome.

IV. Strategy plan

We delineate and present you with our view for the most suitable orientation for the job in hand (a visual mockup is typically included in this stage).

V. Project deliverables anticipation

We work with you on the creative briefing, requirements and objectives for every project delivery.

VI. Internal project development

We design and develop the implicated platforms, keeping you informed in every milestone.

VII. Project outcome

We present you with the final product and discuss eventual/punctual pre-deployment details.

VIII. Deployment

We place the solution online, assuring 24/7 server care.

IX. Follow-up Report & Analysis

We gather and report all the project KPIs and deliver a plan to correct or reinforce any item.

X. Maintenance

We guarantee support and improvements over time, making sure the project’s look and performance stays healthy.

Research&Design Booklet
Click the image above to download the R&D booklet. There you'll find the sum of this website's main texts as well as some photographs of the lab's daily life. Enjoy and drop us a line if you choose to ask for a quote.
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