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M:                 T: +351 21 157 10 10                A: Av. Liberdade 136, 2º. 1250-146 Lisboa Portugal

What we do

We think, plan and deliver the ideal digital media strategies and tools for your business model by applying our extensive qualitative and quantitative know-how and research about efficient web design, usability, online consumer behavior and latest trends and technology. These include full-featured company and product websites, social media life, iPhone applications and e-business platforms.

All of our projects are unique and specifically built from the ground up with our Client’s individual approach in mind. We conceive, design, test and integrate the most suitable and precise solution, assuring not only an original platform, but also an enjoyable, effective and profitable online presence.

Our deliverables are as follows:

Strategy Website Social Media iPhone apps Advertising Creative Campaigns Content Platform
Company Yes Yes Yes - - - -
Product/Brand Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes -
e-Business Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

... But more than we can deliver, you should consider what we can achieve. For each business KPI (Key Performance Indicator) we have a corresponding online KPI:

Business Key Performance Indicator Online Key Performance Indicator
brand awareness impressions and visits (through focus groups and site surveys)
brand interactions time spent on page (through accessibility tests and heatmaps)
sales/leads volume and conversion rate (through conversion funnels and bounce rates)
loyalty repeated visits (through databases)
Research&Design Booklet
Click the image above to download the R&D booklet. There you'll find the sum of this website's main texts as well as some photographs of the lab's daily life. Enjoy and drop us a line if you choose to ask for a quote.
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