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M:                 T: +351 21 157 10 10                A: Av. Liberdade 136, 2º. 1250-146 Lisboa Portugal

Who we are

Research&Design is a digital agency that delivers top class design and development for the online ecosystem guaranteed to meet your business challenges and your customer’s expectations.

As part of the ActualSales Group, a multinational online sales agency that develops performance-based web marketing campaigns in more than 15 countries worldwide, R&D presents itself as a premium design boutique set on providing the most unique, appealing and user-friendly internet experiences.

Our Team is mainly composed by senior professionals skilled in the fields of online positioning and commercial strategies, creative guidance, design direction, standards compliant programming and digital FX development, with some beliefs in common...

I. You only get what you can measure

An effective digital strategy should be based and measured against business objectives and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These KPIs have a profound impact on how you [should] present yourself and, consequently, on the correct design route. We measure our web design and tailor it to your needs.

II. More than simple WWW

Effective digital strategy includes an integrated and dynamic presence in all of the digital ecosystem (world wide web, social media, mobile life). We make sure our Clients stand out in the aforementioned platforms.

III. Impact = Reach x Engagement

Brands should balance strategies for reach and engagement. Reach is achieved trough social media environments that impact millions of people. Engagement is attained through applications and integrated/interactive websites. This means that a website should be perceived as somewhat of a “flagship store” - comprehensive, influenceable and dynamic. We keep your Clients in the “store”.

IV. We use the whole brain

Designing a website is not just an art but the product of art (right brain) and science (left brain). We put the whole of our brain in everything we do.

Research&Design Booklet
Click the image above to download the R&D booklet. There you'll find the sum of this website's main texts as well as some photographs of the lab's daily life. Enjoy and drop us a line if you choose to ask for a quote.
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